It’s hard work to get good data


Short bye to Pico - My visit at Graciosa and the Helicopter-flight on Monday, 17th of July

Last week Silvia asked me if I am interested in visiting the scientist-group at Graciosa and if I want to see how research and daily work is going on at Graciosa-airport. After shortly thinking about it (and some slight worries, that in the meantime when I am at Graciosa there could be another shut-down at the ICO-Station on Pico mountain) Birgit organized the flights. The trip to Graciosa took a whole day, because there were no direct flights from Pico to Graciosa and so I started around 9 am. First I had to take the ferry from Madalena to Horta and had my first flight from Faial to Terceira. After waiting a few hours at Terceira-airport I took of at 16:10pm and 30 minutes later I arrived at Graciosa. It was nice to see how the group worked together and after a nice welcome, they introduced me a little in how everything works at the airport.
The next day should be a very special one to - I was allowed to join the measurement flight that was planned for 2pm. After we took off we picked …

A usual day hiking up to the ICO- Station on the Pico Mountain

Every time it starts with checking the forecasts as well as the webcams in the evening the day before the next hike to figure out how the weather situation is or will be on top of Pico. Once again we do this in the morning and so the hiking procedure is started. Together we have a short breakfast and prepare the food for the day always with regard to the total weight of the backpack in the end when we gathered everything else we need up at the station that day (sometimes for example we have to bring some tools). With our car we drive up to the Casa da Montanha, filling the documents for hiking up and get our GPS-tracker. Then the hardest part starts: the hiking root definitely needs some experience because of its steep parts, the sharp rocks and also the loose stones (my advice: it is always better to trust the rocks because you have more grip). Another thing is that the weather can change fast and at anytime. Normally it takes 3 hours to go up and 4 hours to go down - with the exercisin…