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Helicopter arrived and Camp installed

This is our camp on Graciosa airport. The ACTOS-container and 'office'-tent. We are ready to test all instruments now.
At 2 pm the helicopter arrived from Sao Miguel island. The pilots were guided to their parking position by the airport manager Manuela Santos. Welcome Alwind and Jürgen on Graciosa!

Containers arrived on Graciosa

In good tradition we invite friends and colleagues to join our current field project: ACTOS and SMART-Helios over the Azores. For three weeks in July 2017 we will deploy our systems on the airport of Graciosa close to the ARM-ENA site completed by ground-based observations at the ARM site and on top of Mt Pico. 
The two containers with our equippment and 9000 liter of kerosine are already on Graciosa and today the helicopter made it finally to the SATA hangar in Ponta Delgada.
On next wednesday, June 28th, the first people of our team will arive on Graciosa and built up the camp while two technicians and the pilots will reassamble the helicopter. If everything goes smoothly, we expect our helicopter to arrive on Graciosa by end of June.